Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Photo essay - Different Types of Chocolate

  Every day, every second, some where in the world, someone is eating chocolate. Chocolate is something that everyone loves, but not everyone knows the types of chocolate well. All we know is black, milk, or white chocolate. In my photo essay, I'll explain different types of chocolate using seven photos.

1. Chocolat Noir
    The first type is chocolat noir. 'Noir' stands for black in French, so chocolat noir means black chocolate. Black chocolate are divided into two groups; mi-amer(sweet chocolate) and amer(butter chocolate). Mi-amer contains 55~58% of cacao powder and 42~49% of sugar. In comparison, amer contains 60% of cacao powder and 40% of sugar. Like it's name, mi-amer is sweeter and less bitter than the amer, but amer might have more scent of cacao.

2. Chocolat Au Lait
  You might think of cafe au lait when you hear the name. It's because the mix of ingredients are similar. Chocolat au lait is a milk chocolate with low percent of cacao powder and more fat. Cacao powder 30%, sugar 42%, and the rest of the ingredients are fat. Chocolat au lait is the most famous and the sweetest chocolate between the chocolates that I'm introducing. The sweet taste helps to relieve stress but makes me worried about the calories.

3. Chocolat Blanc
  Unlike other chocolates, this one doesn't contain any cacao powder so the color is not dark. Chocolat blanc is a white chocolate which is made by only the use of cacao butter 30%, sugar and fat. Since this chocolate doesn't have any cacao powder, there is no bitter taste in it. Some people like chocolat blanc better than others because of it's unique taste. This white chocolate looks good and it only contains the sweet taste, so it is usually seen on cookies or cakes.

4. Pate De Cacao
  If the chocolates until now were well known chocolates, starting from pate de cacao, they are chocolates which are made during the process of making the other ones. One of the steps to make a chocolate is to smash the roasted cacao beans. When this is happening, beans called cacao nib comes out which is pate de cacao. Pate de cacao is also called cacao mass, and it's 100% pure cacao. Even though it is so bitter, it is known to be healthy for people.

5. Beurre De Cacao
  Beurre de cacao is fat that comes out while squeezing the cacao mass. It's widely known as cacao butter. When you melt it, it becomes a pure liquid of butter. I've never tasted nor smelled it before, but I think it will be similar with normal butter with a little bit of cacao scent.

6. Poudre De Cacao

  Not only cacao butter comes out in the process above, but also the poudre de cacao. Poudre de cacao is also called as cacao powder and cacao cake. It's a powder type so I think it will feel soft but I don't think it will taste very good.

7. Chocolat De Coverture

  What can you guess about the role of this chocolate by the name? 'Coverture' means the cover in French, so now can you imagine what chocolat de coverture is used for? It is used to cover the chocolate for the ingredients to not mix with others. It doesn't taste good by itself but it is needed while making the first, second and third type of chocolate that I introduced.

  The seven photos I introduced were about seven kinds of chocolate. They are chocolat noir, chocolat au lait, chocolat blanc, pate de cacao, beurre de cacao, poudre de cacao, and chocolat de coverture. All of them were made differently with different ingredients. I hope my essay helped you understand more about chocolates.

Every photo used in the essay was from this link:

Monday, January 20, 2014

Diamante Poem

Favorite, Handsome
Admiring, Searching, Watching
Character, Drama, Lee Kangtoe, Park Sion
Acting, Singing, Talking
Fantastic, Splendid

What do you think this diamante poem was about? Actually, it was about my favorite celebrity. Most of my friends like idols like EXO but I'm different. I am obsessed about Joowon.

I was a fan of actor Joowon for 3 and a half years. I've been watching all the dramas he acted and recorded them. Not only the dramas but I watched every TV show and I went to the sign-meeting several times. Before Joowon became an actor he was a musical actor. Recently, he returned as a musical actor by the musical Ghost and I have already watched it in the VIP seat. I was just marvelous and I totally recommend it!

A scene from the musical 'Ghost' - Naver image
In the middle of the poem, you might notice some weird nouns. They are some of the characters Joowon acted in the dramas. They were all excellent, especially the character Park Sion was very unique. It was a character who had Servant Disability who eventually became a doctor. The drama was very touching and was very complemented. Joowon is a actor who is diligent, modest and has tons of charms. If you become a fan of him, you won't be able to come out from him like a swamp.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Movie review - The Princess Bride

  As my second post, I would like to introduce a movie I saw recently. The title is The Princess Bride and its genre is comedy, action and romance. This movie was dirrected by Rob Reiner and made in 1987. The main characters in the movie are Princess Buttercup, Prince Humperdinck, and Westley. There are other characters like Inigo (the spanish sword fighter), Fezzik (the giant), Viccini (the smart guy), Miracle Max (one who brought Westly back to life), and Count Rugen (six fingered man). Let's watch the trailer before we start.

The Princess Bride official trailer

  Does this movie look interesting to you? I will tell a short summary about it. This movie was famous for an odd beginning. The movie starts with a grandfather reading a book to his sick grandson. The book grandfather is reading is The Princess Bride. The story goes like this. Buttercup loved a farm boy who always said "As you wish" to her. The farm boy was Westley. They both became other's true love and decided to marry. Although, Westley didn't have enough money for the marriage so he went out to earn money. One day, Buttercup hears news that Westley is dead. She was so depressed for years. Five years later, she is supposed to become the wife of Prince Humperdinck, but Princess Buttercup truely loved Westley. When the princess was taking a walk, she was kidnapped by 3 people; Viccini, Inigo, and Fezzik. Inigo and Fezzik were reluctant but Viccini made them do it. The three took her to the boat, but while sailing, princess found a ship and tried to swim to it. She failed because there were shreaking eels which eats human. When the four arrived at the Cliff of Insanity, they went up but the man in black followed. The man in black defeated the two and saved the princess from Viccini. The princess was terrified but relieved when she knew he was Westly. They tried to run away through the forest where fires burst out from the grounds and huge rodents go by. They were able to get through it but got caught by Prince Humperdink. Princess Buttercup wanted the prince to free Westly but the prince did not. He tortured Westly with a machine.
  Meanwhile, Inigo is on his way for revenge against the 6 fingered man with Fezzik. Inigo thinks he needs the man in black's help to do it. The climax of the story is the journey of Westly,, Inigo, and Fezzik taking revenge and saving the princess. I cannot spoil the ending but I can tell you that it is a 'happily-ever-after' story. So if you really want to know the ending, watch the movie!
  Even though the summary sounds fantastic, for me, the movie wasn't so good. To talk about the good points, it had comical points, and it talked about true love. However, everything seemed unconnected. I thought that the forest escape was totally off-story. The gigantic rodents were really abrupt and I thought it didn't fit into the story. Additionally, I felt that the character Viccini came out for nothing. He might have helped for Westly and Buttercup meet but it wasn't impressive.
  Since I'm now in GLPS, I need to think about leadership. One of the most important points of leadership was included in this movie. It was cooperation. Westly, Inigo, and Fezzik cooperated to meet their goals. In order to be a leader, I think you should know how to work together.

  In conclusion, I don't willingly recommend this movie but it is a movie you can experience. Since recent movies are so good, I might be comparing them even though I don't want to. If I just look at the movie, it was an innovation for the people back then, so it's not a harm if you just try once. 

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Three things I know to be true

  Hiya, everyone!(^o^) I'm a new blogger named Seungmin Burm. To introduce myself, I don't want to do a general speech about where I live, how old I am, and other obvious facts. Instead, I'm going to tell 2 words and three numbers. It's your job to figure out the relationship between the words and me! If you have thought of the answer, scroll down and check if it's correct. 

1. Blanket
2. 4,4,4
3. Fence

1. Blanket
  What have you imagined? The answer to this is my 'treasure no.1'.
The blanket I'm talking about is a certain blanket that I had for 14 years. When I was sad, angry, happy, lonely, and tired, I was always with my blanket. This blanket even has a name; Blankie. Even when I didn't have any friends, I cried with my Blankie, then I could feel a little better. Every time I had a nightmare, I was able to cover my eyes with my Blankie. This may sound a little weird, but the smell of Blankie helps me relax. Now, my Blankie has a big hole in the middle and it is all worn out, but I can't even think of days without it. My favorite color was blue starting when I was 4 years old just because the color of Blankie is blue. This shows the importance of Blankie to me.

2. 4,4,4
  This might have been the hardest question. The answer is 4th grade, 4th class, and number 4. This actually happened when I was in the 4th grade. In my life, the number '4' stays really close to me. Not in a bad way, but in a good way. In Korea, number 4 usually stands for death. Well, to me, every time the number 4 comes into my life, good things happen. For example, on the forth of July of 2013, I was able to play with my friends and I had a fun time with them. Some times, I watch the clock exactly on 4 o'clock and feel kind of giggly for no reason. It's like magic!

3. Fence
  This word is related to the most thrilling thing that happened while I was in America. My fence got on fire!...Ha ha ha... I'm not joking at all. The story starts like this.
I was tutoring and rest of my family was watching TV until we heard a strong, rapid knocking on the door. It was my neighbor with a pale face. She started to shout at us, "Your fence is on fire!" We couldn't understand what she is talking about the first time, but when she repeated and pointed at the burning fence, we realized what was happening. The tutor called the 911 and we started to splash water on the big fire. Luckily, there was a hose in the garage which my father bought to wash his car. The fire was extinguished before the fire truck came. The fire fighters told us that the reason of the fire was a cigarette. That instance, I realized that I could have died if there were no neighbors to help us and let us notice. I was so thankful to them.

  Did these words help you understand interesting facts about me? If you constantly want to know about Seungmin Burm, please visit Blo-ga-ddic-ted frequently. See you later and don't forget to make comments~