Monday, January 20, 2014

Diamante Poem

Favorite, Handsome
Admiring, Searching, Watching
Character, Drama, Lee Kangtoe, Park Sion
Acting, Singing, Talking
Fantastic, Splendid

What do you think this diamante poem was about? Actually, it was about my favorite celebrity. Most of my friends like idols like EXO but I'm different. I am obsessed about Joowon.

I was a fan of actor Joowon for 3 and a half years. I've been watching all the dramas he acted and recorded them. Not only the dramas but I watched every TV show and I went to the sign-meeting several times. Before Joowon became an actor he was a musical actor. Recently, he returned as a musical actor by the musical Ghost and I have already watched it in the VIP seat. I was just marvelous and I totally recommend it!

A scene from the musical 'Ghost' - Naver image
In the middle of the poem, you might notice some weird nouns. They are some of the characters Joowon acted in the dramas. They were all excellent, especially the character Park Sion was very unique. It was a character who had Servant Disability who eventually became a doctor. The drama was very touching and was very complemented. Joowon is a actor who is diligent, modest and has tons of charms. If you become a fan of him, you won't be able to come out from him like a swamp.


  1. Wow! I like your diamente poems. I think you kept the rule very well. Thank you for giving a good poem for me! ^^

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